Our Mission

At Vincentia Bay Medical, we have an established reputation for providing quality and best practice treatment and advice for a comprehensive range of medical conditions. Our professional staff are experienced, knowledgeable, and approachable.

Our helpful and friendly administrative team are dedicated to making your experience with us as convenient and stress-free as possible.


Privacy and confidentiality are cornerstones of our professional ethos and commitment to patient care and satisfaction. Our systems are designed to protect your health records, and our staff are trained in the requirements of current privacy legislation and regulations. Information collected is kept strictly confidential and used only for the medical and health care of patients.

Appointment Information

Help us eliminate waiting times by arriving at least five minutes before your appointment time. You can save time by completing an online patient registration form.

Please bring the following to your first appointment:

  • a current, valid Medicare card (if you have one)
  • valid OSHC/OVC membership details (if applicable).

If you require an Auslan sign language interpreter during your appointment, please make a booking online at www.nabs.org.au or by phone on 1800 246 945.

WorkCover Information

WorkCover patients will need to advise their employer of the appointment and bring their employer’s contact details to arrange for payment. If you require a translator or other assistance with communication, please notify reception when you make an appointment. A phone interpreter may be available but will need to be arranged prior to your appointment.


We mixed bill patients who hold a current Medicare card, or who have OSHC/OVC membership. However, some pathology testing may incur an out of pocket fee.

Allied health services and specialist consultations may incur a fee which will vary depending on the complexity of the service or procedure required.

Private Patients

The following fees apply to patients who do not hold a Medicare card or OSHC/OVC membership:

  • Short consultation – $60
  • Standard consultation – $80
  • Long consultation – $120

Some pathology testing will incur additional fees. Allied health services will be privately billed.

Additional Fees

Services excluded from mixed billing include:

  • WorkCover
  • RHCA Medicare cardholders
  • Allied health services
  • Procedures
  • Pap smears
  • Pre-employment medical assessments
  • Driver assessment forms
  • Medical reports
  • Skin cancer checks
  • New patients who do not have a Medicare card.

In this document “we” or “us” means the Doctors at Vincentia Bay Medical and includes where the context permits, the Doctor’s staff, (medical and non-medical) and any service company engaged by the Doctors to assist in the administration of the Practice.

1 Purpose
The Doctors at Vincentia Bay Medical are committed to ensuring that the best possible service is provided to all patients. Patient non-attendance at a booked appointment adversely impacts on practice staff and patients in the following manner:
  • The “Did Not Attend” (DNA) patient takes the appointment slot of another patient who could have attended.
  • The time and personnel required to follow-up and rebook DNA patients diverts staff from other duties and is therefore a waste of resources.
Consistent application of the DNA policy by doctors and staff plays an important role in encouraging patients to assist in ensuring that Doctors’ and staff’s time is managed as efficiently as possible.
This policy relates the handling of DNA’s and outlines the expectations of patients and staff in the management of these instances.
2 Policy

A DNA occurs when:

  • A DNA occurs when:
  • the Patient has not contacted Vincentia Bay Medical in advance to cancel it o
  • cancel with less timing required by our notice period, which makes it difficult for Vincentia Bay Medical to allocate that appointment to another Patient who needs treatment.

Notice Period

  • For General Practitioner (GP) appointment, 1 hour notice prior to appointment time is required.

“No Show” Fee

In the event that a patient does not attend (DNA) an appointment for the first time then the following process will be undertaken: The appointment will be recorded as a DNA and no further action will be taken.

If a patient does not attend (DNA) for two appointments within a 12 months period, they will be sent a letter of suspension of services with an invoice for “No Show” fee. This letter will see patient’s access to all services suspended until accounts are paid.

We will charge a fee of :

  • $20 per appointment (<=15 minutes appointment slot)
  • $20 per appointment (<=15 minutes appointment slot)

DNA fees are not Medicare rebateable.

There may also be the possibility of permanent suspension from Vincentia Bay Medical at
the Doctors’ discretion for repeat offenders.


Avoid Becoming a DNA

If patient cannot attend or no longer need an appointment, they are required to advise Vincentia Bay Medical in advance. 

The Doctors understand that mistakes do happen and that appointments can be forgotten or overlooked. In such cases, the Doctors will take into account the reason given by patients.
However repeated offences are unacceptable. 

Preference, of course, is for your Doctor to know in advance so your Doctor can offer the appointments to other Patients in need. If patient needs to cancel an appointment, they can do this in any one of the following ways:

  • In person at the Reception Desk
  • Telephone: 02 4443 9888
  • Email: info@vbmed.com.au
  • If booked online, you can cancel/reschedule appointments through the same booking program that was used - Healthengine or HotDoc

Reducing DNAs

The Doctors are doing their utmost to reduce DNAs as much as possible. 

If patient make an appointment, we would suggest that Patients’ record/document the date and time in a way that can be easily accessed – in a diary, on a calendar or on a mobile phone.

Vincentia Bay Medical uses SMS reminders as a convenient way to remind patient the day before of their appointment details. This service is a courtesy only and not receiving SMS reminder is not a valid reason for patient to miss their appointment.

It is patient’s responsibility

  • to be aware of their appointment details, and to arrive on time or reschedule with sufficient notice. advise Vincentia Bay Medical of any change to their contact details

Our Partners

Please let our reception know if you hold an OSHC/OVC membership