The highly qualified and experienced team at Vincentia Bay Medical are committed to providing the highest quality best practice care and support to patients of all ages and their families. They have built a well-deserved reputation for understanding and empathy.

Dr Haider Yaqoob

General Practitioner MBBS

Dr Haider Yaqoob, has a wealth of experience working as a GP in Rural Victoria and rural NSW. Before becoming a GP, he worked in Hospitals in NSW, including Lismore Base Hospital, Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital and Nepean Hospital. He has a wealth of experience from working as a Registrar in Cardiology, Respiratory, Emergency Medicine and Geriatrics. The experience he has gained from working in such demanding specialties has given him the skills and confidence to manage his patients appropriately. Special Interest include cardiology, diabetes, paediatrics, respiratory medicine, geriatrics and emergency medicine, skin cancer and family planning.

Dr Ahmed Mahmuod

General Practitioner MBChB

Graduate from med school in 2003, the University of Kufa Eight years of general practice experience, between a private hospital and a primary health care facility. Experience in General Medicine from working as a career medical officer and senior registrar in Iraq. Also worked as a medical registrar in Belmont, The Maitland and John hunter hospital. Significant experience in acute medicine from working in emergency in Black town hospital for three years together with ICU experience in JHH . Currently working as a medical registrar in Gastroenterology. Favourite sport is jogging and cardio.

Dr John Oh

General Practitioner MBBS

Current role is CMO at Shellharbour Hospital Emergency Dept. I have completed my internship in 2000, residency in 2001, and since then have worked as medical registrar, locum medical officer and CMO. Hobbies include triathlon training, crossfit, golf, listening to music. My passion lies in helping others improve their health and wellness and also working on and improving my own health.

Dr Dusan Basic

General Practitioner MBBS

Dr Dusan Babic is a General practitoner, who graduated from the University of Nis, Serbia in 1989, with a Doctor of Medicine degree. In 2013, Dr Dusan successfully obtained his AMC Certificate, and began his medical profession in Australia soon after. Between May 2014 to May 2021, Dr Dusan worked as a locum medical practitioner for Radio Doctors Illawarra.  He has accumulated 17664 hours of afterhours medical experience conducting home visits for acute, non-critical cases for patients of varied demographic and cultural backgrounds across the Illawarra region.

Dr Mustafa Al-Ani

Dr Omar Al-Alsari